Welcome to Eriksen Construction!

Focused Approach

Our hands on approach means we have better control over every aspect of every project – from schedule, to quality, to cost.

Extensive Experience

Whether you work with us on a negotiated basis, or as a result of the competitive bid process, Eriksen Construction will be your eyes and ears on the jobsite every day.

Proven Success

We have all of the tools you need to succeed – and the insight about when and how to use them.

Exceeding Expectations

Over 35 Years in the Business.

Eriksen Construction has provided quality general contracting and construction management services to Nebraska and Iowa for over 35 years.

Through each phase of the general contracting process, Eriksen Construction maintains its commitment to safety, quality workmanship, clear communication, and proactive leadership.

We've built a reputation based on integrity. Eriksen Construction believes our reputation is our single most important asset. We understand how hard it is to gain trust and how easily it is lost. From design to final completion, we strive to provide the highest level of quality possible.

Rising To Meet The Challenges of Tomorrow

Our focus is always on the future. Not just what will take care of you immediate needs, but what will serve you best five, ten, fifteen years down the road.

Listen Better. Plan Better. Build Better.

Our insistence on quality of service, hard work, and responsiveness to client needs remains the company credo and has led to its success in a competitive industry. The company’s ability to address changing conditions and demands, find and serve diverse markets, and expand its services has resulted in the company growing far beyond its founder’s dreams.