Committed To Superior Quality And Results

Our team of construction professionals offers a single-source solution for all of your construction-related needs. Whether it’s restoration, site preparation, a new facility, or facility renovation; we have the experience and personnel to provide the highest quality construction on schedule and within budget. We support our clients from project inception, to the commissioning of the fully operational facility.

Eriksen Constructions offers a wide variety of services including General Contracting, Construction Management, Pre-Construction Services, and Design Build.


From managing all on-site construction activities or coordinating subcontractors and material suppliers, to providing field staff and self-performing work, Eriksen Construction has over 30 years of experience as a General Contractor. Organizing the perfectly matched team with diverse backgrounds and experience is our specialty. We have an evaluation process to ensure that only the most qualified subcontractors and suppliers are awarded our jobs. We take great pride in our General Contracting capabilities.

Our goal is to offer you the best value for the construction dollars invested. Eriksen Construction competitively bids the individual scope within the subcontractor and supplier market against our own pricing. We then determine the best value for each bid package considering scope, pricing, schedule, quality, experience, and the ability to successfully deliver a quality project.

During the construction phase, we continue to work closely with the owner, architect and all subcontractors to ensure the project stays on schedule and under budget. After the project is complete, we take every precaution to ensure that the building meets the owner’s expectations.

As a General Contractor, Eriksen Construction performs work for owners on a Low Bid or a Negotiated Basis.

  • Negotiated

  • One contract method of choice for owners is negotiating with a general contractor. Factors such as safety, shared values, quality, and work history all come together in the owner's final decision. Owners generally select Eriksen Construction for negotiated work because of the established comfort level with our extensive experience and quality workmanship we have proven over many decades of construction projects.
  • Low Bid

  • Eriksen Construction has a history of maintaining a substantial presence in the competitive bid market. This allows us to remain current with industry pricing, design, constructability, and competitiveness. Our goal is to offer you the best value for the construction dollars you have invested.


Our approach to construction management is to serve as an extension of our clients’ organization. We serve as the owners’ representative and act as a liaison between the design team, contractors, engineers, government agencies, and the owner. As the construction administrator, we utilize proven systems to ensure that project goals are met. Working with the owner and the architect/engineer during the earliest stages of planning, we help avoid costly design expenses.

We create a team atmosphere among the owner, architect, and all subcontracting firms providing a collaborative environment to achieve exceptional results. Eriksen Construction serves as your advocate, guiding you through all aspects of the construction process.

Our project team works diligently from design through project completion to meet the Owners’ facility needs. Our emphasis on planning and excellent communication with contractors and owners results in projects consistently completed safely, on time, and under budget.


Our pre-construction services can include reviewing existing drawings and specifications, scheduling, estimating, cost analysis, and overall consulting. Through detailed analysis of schedules, costs, and design, the project team can anticipate and eliminate problems before they cause delays or additional costs.

We will construct a site analysis to confirm that the site will conform to the requirements of the project without excessive cost or future surprises. We will provide value engineering to determine if the scope of the work conforms to the budget, and suggest areas for cost savings based on our extensive experience. Eriksen Construction will perform an overall constructability review to make sure that what is being designed is reflected accurately in the plans.

Our team will conduct a final cost control review to take an additional look at the scope and costs ensuring we are on track to meet the budget prior to finalizing design. We will then schedule the entire project, start to finish. By identifying key milestones, we will be able to drive towards project completion in an organized and predetermined manner.


Design Build work proves to be very beneficial to owners. This method of contracting allows for dramatic time savings, as the scheduling and pricing tasks are taking place simultaneously with the design phase. Budgets are more reliable and clearly designed early in the process. You are still able to bid out subcontract and material pricing, allowing for a competitive pricing scenario for the majority of the project costs.

Eriksen Construction will contract with and manage the efforts of the owner, designers, and subcontractors early in the design phase, encouraging a collaboration of ideas and open lines of communication. We will also act as the general contractor on the project, becoming your single point of contact allowing you consistent service from project start through completion.

We find the most successful projects for all involved are those where the contractor is involved early in the process and a team approach is used for all aspects of the project. This unique, turn-key approach to producing and delivering a building project offers you tremendous advantages in cost, time, and quality. The goal is to provide all of the services required so that when you walk in the doors of your new, finished building, your business can be up and running.